finally !! my new free game is a first person shooter : bruises ! with a new free code-source and the free file-packer .

 Programcreater use the blitz3d : a software of programmation3d (blitzbasic.com) and include-files (fastlibs.com) .format conversion with Milkshape3d (milkshape3d.com). All scene3d and characters3d come from : 3drt.com, www.3dfoin.com, dexsoft-games.com. All musics come from: iamusic.com, arteriamusic.com , luckylionstudios.com.

download here bruises

download here undeads shoot

download here demon's cave 

to contact : cedric@programcreater.com or kalderic@yahoo.fr

you are a special commando sent inside a space station to found and kill the leader of space criminals !

shoot 30 undeads to win ! and try to make the maximum score !

in demon's cave you must found and kill the boss demon in the dark corridors !.. 



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